I am not a religious person. I did the required classes during my time at my public primary school both in Australia and Papua New Guinea. But whilst I don’t believe in a specific religion I do find myself hoping that there is someone out there keeping an eye on us all.

If I had to identify with any one religion I guess my background would be closest to Christianity. I can say the Lords Prayer on command – they were pretty intense getting this into my head back in PNG. But I wouldn’t have a clue about hymns, other prayers or anything else to do with it all.

Logan hasn’t been baptised and whilst I would love for him to have god parents I just feel like I’d be making a farce of the whole thing. If it was a tradition in our family then I wouldn’t think twice but it isn’t so we haven’t.

But why have I gotten onto such a heavy topic? Last week as I was driving home from work to go and get Logan from my Mum’s house I found myself behind a horrible car. No it wasn’t spurting toxic gas into the atmosphere but it was definitely toxic none-the-less. This car had one of those stickers on it…you know the kind, the picture of Australia with the words fuck off we’re full in it. But what made this car even more toxic was the fact that this sticker was side by side with a baby on board and ‘little aussie’ on board sticker. At that moment I found myself praying – I didn’t know who to but I prayed for that child. I prayed that even though the views of (I’m assuming the mother as it was a woman driving) their mother were horrible that they would grow up to love all people and that just because you are born in one place doesn’t mean you have the right to bar people from enjoying our home too.

My blood was boiling but in that moment I was so happy for my upbringing. I promised myself Logan would be a tolerant person who would look at both sides of an argument and who would think of others before opening his mouth.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when they are hurting others I don’t think that is fair. Whilst I didn’t take much from the religious aspects of my schooling I did take this – treat others as you would like to be treated. If we could all live our lives like this the world would be a much better place to live in.


7 thoughts on “God?

  1. Julie says:

    I have a personal hate of those stickers. I lived and grew up in a very white world in Brisbane. However, since being with Justin, and now as a mother of half caste child, I have been the brunt of many a racist comment. The two that stand out… Justin was screamed at to F off and go home. We were at the South Bank bus stop. There were five of them and the two of us, I felt real fear and immense anger. Another incident was a man said in my face “white bitches who have hafies should fuck off”.
    How do I raise Jarvis? How do I let him know that these people are filled with hate and fear of the unknown. To be proud of who he is?

    • aussiemor says:

      Oh Julie that is horrible!! I guess we can just show our children how we are & that a lot of love comes from being so accepting. I don’t even think it’s a foreigner thing I think it comes purely from skin colour. It makes my blood boil. Andreas is an immigrant but because he’s Danish you can’t tell. If only people like that had to experience real life…they’re the ones who need a stint in a detention centre!

      Ps: I tried to comment on your beautiful lady at the bus stop post but don’t think it worked. I’m loving your blog xoxo

  2. EmmieGemmie says:

    It’s so horrible. And it’s so sad

  3. sassandspice says:

    With all the recent news in politics it just reconfirms how backwards (racist) so many people in Australia are. Even my English husband said he was quite shocked when he first moved here. I see these stickers around with other stickers like ‘no fat chicks’. Shocking really.

    Especially since we all are here because violent and unspeakable means were used to take land away from native Australians.

    I grew up in the 80’s in the Pilbara as one of the few asian kids so got a lot of racist comments. I’m aware my daughter looks very Asian but I hope she grows up in a world where she doesn’t have to deal with as much racism even though unfortunately I know she will come across it during her life.

    • aussiemor says:

      We’ve just got to keep hoping right!

      I just can’t believe people can be so cruel and now it’s coming into play in the government…it makes me sick!

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