Gr8 Week

  1. My pets usually they're on the list of 'currently doing my head in' but this week they've been charming.
  2. My sister getting her wedding dress
  3. Shopping with my Mum and sister before she leaves for Melbourne in August
  4. Going out for dinner first for our wedding anniversary and then out with coworkers
  5. Pretty flowers in my office
  6. Non stop cups of tea at work
  7. My gorgeous friend working her butt off to make me the sweetest elephant apron for a very belated birthday present.
  8. Instagram bringing friends closer
  9. The weather beautiful but freezing summer days
  10. All the toddlers in our Mums Group

I also want to take a moment to send my love to people who have had a horrible week. It has not been kind to a lot of people and you are all in my thoughts xoxo



2 thoughts on “Gr8 Week

  1. EmmieGemmie says:

    Heaps of lovely items on your list this week!

    Very exciting about your sisters wedding dress! What’s it like??

    Would love to see a pic of elephant apron.

    Another here having non-stop cups of tea! It’s that kind of weather isn’t it!

    Happy wedding anniversary!! Did you exchange gifts?

    Yay for flowers!

    Also feeling for those who are having a hard time 😦

    • aussiemor says:

      It’s all ruffled at the bottom & then sweetheart bodice with minimal bling really pretty.

      Yes I meant to get a photo of the apron yesterday she did a great job considering she hasn’t been sewing very long!

      No gifts just dinner at the heritage in Perth – I wasn’t very impressed unfortunately. Andreas didn’t mind it though. Was still nice to pretend to be corporate for a night :p

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