Messy Jessy!

Our weekends always involve a family walk to the park. It used to be the time I'd send them all off so I could clean but thankfully I've come to my senses.

I am definitely one to get too hung up on making sure the house is clean, a little mess never killed anyone but not spending quality time with my family definitely might! So I'm trying to ignore the mess and enjoy the limited time I have with them all. Especially Andreas seeing as he works full time, I'm reclaiming our weekends and forcing myself to clean during the week (always easier said than done).

These past few days have been devoted to deeper cleaning and it was nice to spend a lazy Sunday listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 (of the past 20 years) and purging all my stuff. I still haven't physically gotten rid of it – I'm going to donate it all but part of me is holding back because I know I could probably get a bit of cash if I threw a garage sale (but those things are horrible and hard work). I keep apologising to Andreas because the house looks disgusting but if you open the fridge or any of our kitchen cupboards they sparkle. Hidden cleaning is a lot less rewarding!

At present we are currently debating buying a new dyson vacuum or a robot vacuum so, if anyone has any opinions on this please speak up! Both of them are a significant amount of money but the latter would definitely help my sanity seeing as I loathe vacuuming and put it off as long as possible – which around these parts isn't very long unfortunately! But I'm just trying to come up with ways to make sure I stop getting so obsessed with a clean house and start focusing more on everything else. It turns me into a cranky wife and mother and I definitely don't want Logan growing up with me like that! On the plus side though cleaning (when I finally do it) makes me feel like I've accomplished something and I'm definitely happier afterwards.

Ok, so I'm officially a housewife in need of an afternoon glass of wine haha tune in next week for a post on how to cook the ultimate roast and keep your man happy (jokes…I hope!).


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4 thoughts on “Messy Jessy!

  1. Lila says:

    I loathe cleaning but I also hate how messy our house is so I’m trying harder. I’m glad you’re enjoying family time first though,it’s so fleeting!

    • aussiemor says:

      I wish we both had cleaning fairies 🙂
      Thank you for telling me the time is fleeting, it’s those little reminders I need so I’m not living with regrets in the future!

  2. sassandspice says:

    I’m so different to you as I hate cleaning so much that I have someone come in once a week. It’s especially hard when I work and because I despise it so much it’s low down in the priority of things.

    I have Dyson but I don’t think they are they that great. The warranty is fantastic as I’ve hard parts replaced for free but the suction is that great and it isn’t great on my cow hide rug (it just sticks to it). I’m not sure what the robot ones are like though…

    My mum had her vacuum for 18 years but I doubt my Dyson will last that long…we shall see I guess…

    I’ve decided that my future house (not the one I’m building but maybe the one after) will have one of those ducted vacuum systems as apparently they have very good suction.

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah we had the ducted system at an old house & it was fantastic. We’ve promised ourselves a cleaner if we both get a good pay rise!

      Bought a dyson yesterday so fingers crossed *gulp*

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