Gr8 Week

A switch was flipped this week…finally! So feeling a lot like my old self.

  1. Making pompoms
  2. Potential matching sister tattoos
  3. Instagram (@aussiemor)
  4. Yelling at The Block with Andreas…what's happened to the renovation aspect of the show! Now it's just boring bitching.
  5. Buying two new jackets – yay for calling in a birthday gift.
  6. Music, specifically Triple J all weekend
  7. Tiny babies
  8. Wardrobe/closet purge
  9. Cute socks
  10. Logan (excluding the fact he's been having a horrible time of drop off now he's in the toddler room)



5 thoughts on “Gr8 Week

  1. Lila Phoenix says:

    I need to see the tattoo planning I’m really curious! I’m with you on the block, I wanted to know more about the rendered walls but clearly they didn’t have time to talk about that because they wanted to air bitching instead.
    Hope Logan settles in to his new room soon.

    • aussiemor says:

      Unfortunately it hasn’t gone any further than her saying she wants a wolf and me saying I want something matching haha. Need to get together without my Mum around!

      I agree, we switched to House Rules tonight because I’m just over it. I think I’ll just watch the room reveals on The Block now.

  2. EmmieGemmie says:

    Would love to hear more about the matching sister tattoos!
    I was also loving the JJJ trip down memory lane!
    Bay had a really hard time with her move up to 2-3yr old room too.. She’s almost 2.5 and only just made the complete transition.. She kept running back to her old room.. Think the change co-incided with few other big changes (new baby, switch from full time to 2 days, extended stay in Perth etc) so she jus wanted to stay in her comfort zone.. Makes the drop off really tough when they are crying though 😦 Hope Logan makes peace soon

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