Gr8 Week




  1. Gardening – finally bought veggie pots and planted our lonely kale
  2. Meeting two lovely ladies to start organising one of my uni girlfriend’s hen’s night.
  3. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  4. Logan being a cheeky little bugger
  5. Watching Logan at swim class
  6. Having the yummiest meal (in a long time!) at Balthazar in the city (the service was slow but French so no complaints haha)
  7. French accents
  8. Dinner with the Mums – lots of laughs to be had
  9. Exercise
  10. Playing ghost with Logan – putting a towel over him and he runs around the front yard like a drunk person.

A bit delayed but I’ve had so much on my mind at the moment!


2 thoughts on “Gr8 Week

  1. sassandspice says:

    Balthazar’s is my husband’s favourite restaurant. I still remember us going (pre-kid) and there was this french family behind us with two kids under 10 and they were so well behaved!

    Logan would be so cute a ghost! He has so much spirit already and I’m sure it’s hilarious seeing him run around with a towel on his head! Don’t you just love this age??

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