Take a chance

I’ve never been one to enter competitions that are strewn throughout all the blogs I read. But I’m glad I decided to just give it a whirl when I saw the Figs & Ginger competition over at Design Mom (I LOVE that blog). I’m so glad I did because I was gobsmacked when I was flicking through my emails and found out I’d won!

I’d already done a bit of window shopping when I entered the competition but I just recently put in my order and wanted to share with you all some of the goodies I’m now eagerly awaiting.





The last necklace was the one I referred to as part of the competition and will always remind me of my wedding vows. We talked about how our love would never end because it’s a circle – cheesey I know but special to us. The cake topper is for my little sister’s wedding and will be customised and of course the intial necklace is ‘L’ for my little Bear.

So it’s definitely worth entering those competitions!


2 thoughts on “Take a chance

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    Gorgeous! You’ll have to show us when they arrive!

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