Birthday Week

I love our new tradition and it definitely helped me to have the first birthday in years that was AWESOME.

The week started off with a promise of a sweet treat and Andreas' didn't fail to deliver (sorry if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen all of these!)



Birthday week Day 2 was supposed to be out to the movies and Andreas looking after Logan but the movies fell through (I was exhausted). Instead it turned into our frame wall finally coming to fruition!

Day 3 was a Jess relax night. I got to chill out on the couch whilst Andreas made dinner. I gave him a hand by defrosting frozen chicken parcels from Lennards. But he made an amazing kale side dish!

Day 4 and a bit of a fail. It was supposed to be us going out to the movies but meant that I had to drive north of the river after a full day of work with cranky Logan. So I asked if we could cancel and just spend some time the two of us with a take away meal. It wound up being exactly what we all needed.


Day 5 was the AW Ironing Service and Andreas was surprised I didn't give him my entire wardrobe. It probably helped that most of my clothes were in the laundry!


Day 6 there was no plan or morning message which I was a bit down about. I have an amazing husband but he is definitely not as organised as I am. But I got taken out to lunch for burgers which was lovely. No photos were taken though because it was very spur of the moment which is always the most fun!

Day 7 was another fail but did involve birthday cake because we went to a first birthday party. It was also my Mum and Step-Dad's anniversary so we celebrated with a nice glass of bubbly. It was originally supposed to be a clean the floors present but nobody likes to do that so I gave Andreas the day off.

My birthday was AMAZING. I got a mini-sleep in given it was a Monday and was woken up to Andreas singing Happy Birthday in Danish to me whilst Logan crawled all over the bed. Then I got to walk into the dining room to candles, presents, more singing and a cup of tea. But the best was the beautiful card Andreas wrote and Logan scribbled all over. I scored two pom-pom makers and a set of tea plus something else is on it's way. I could go on an on about my birthday but I'll finish by saying we had the yummiest breakfast, sent a half-dead bird to the vet, had a good nap (Logan not me), went shopping, almost died at the gym and went out for a super yummy dinner at Ria in Leederville. I also got spoilt with sweet presents too. All in all a fantastic day and I definitely recommend starting a birthday week tradition – as we proved it doesn't have to be expensive it's all about spreading the love and making you feel special!



6 thoughts on “Birthday Week

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    That’s lovely I’m glad it went (mostly) well. You deserve a lovely birthday!

  2. Sammie says:

    The photo wall looks fab! and sounds like all in all it was a pretty good week! Happy Birthday again! xxx

  3. EmmieGemmie says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the concept of birthday week! Also loving the frame wall… I soooo want one! Where did you get all your frames from? (Please don’t say Ikea)

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