I wish

It's one of those games we all play right?

Today my wish is lame but after having high tea in a child friendly venue (Jack & Jill's Nedlands for those Perthites out there) with my Mums Group I wish I had more sense of style. Lame first world wish but let me roll with it.

I have lots of clothes, some simple which work well together (nice jeans and a black top, nice dresses) but for the most part I just can't pull it all together. Some people make it look so effortless (I'm looking at you Sharon you hot mama!) but I just can't figure it out. We have some super stylish mamas in my group so there will definitely be some brain picking and possibly a laugh a minute reality tv girls night session haha raiding wardrobes why not?!

I am not resigning myself to never getting it right but today is one of those I wish days!


I'm sexy and I know it haha



2 thoughts on “I wish

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    I understand completely I think we need a bunch of cash, me over for a visit and Sass to play style consultant!

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