Catch some zzz’s

With the end of Logan's monthly letters I realised I haven't been recording the little things about his life. So tonight's topic the ever elusive sleep.

While Logan was sick we fell into the dangerous trap of letting him co-sleep with us. I always swore I would never do this but that's the thing with this whole parenting job everything you “thought” you'd do/never do goes out the window. Neither Andreas or I could see the point in letting him suffer or spending hours awake at night when he could simply snuggle up (flail his limbs everywhere) with us and fall asleep. So that's how we fell into the trap so to speak.

Once our little monster was feeling better I decided it was time to hit the books and see if I could solve our sleep problems. No Tizzie Hall or gentle lala sleep crap, I was searching my kindle and stumbled across this wonderful book: The Sleepeasy Solution – the exhausted parent's guide to getting your child to sleep – from birth to age 5. It's written by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack who are also behind the website but don't just rely on the website you really need to read the book in conjunction. It is using a cry it out technique so if you aren't up for that I would hesitantly recommend this book. But I have found it one of the most in depth with sections on co-sleeping etc… (As an aside I haven't been paid for or even given this book for free I spent around $10 on the e-book and just really liked it!)

After reading the book we've created a strict bedtime routine which all happens in his bedroom:

  • Bath/shower
  • Nappy and pjs
  • Bottle
  • Brush teeth (the only part were we venture out)
  • Quiet play (optional)
  • Reading books
  • Sleeping bag
  • Fan on (for the white noise)
  • Cuddles and good nights
  • Put in his cot at 715 or as close to

For his naps we do a shortened version of this which is usually just bottle and pjs. His naps still aren't long but according to the book these are the harder ones to solve and take a longer time.


I've got my hopes up that eventually he will go down for long naps but we'll see…isn't that always the case! But with all aspects of parenting we need to seek out the positives and for us at the moment it's that he's sleeping through the night.


I don't know of this post will solve anyone else's problems but I just wanted to share our journey. We all feel so alone when it comes to horrible sleeps (and other hard aspects of parenting) but we really aren't! Bring back the village I say to help us raise all our children.


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5 thoughts on “Catch some zzz’s

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    I really hope this will work for you, have everything crossed! I think we need to try tightening up the routine and hope for the best CIO won’t work with Eve she goes to full scale screaming unfortunately!

    • Lila Wolff says:

      I should say immediately not unfortunately although it is a bit unfortunate!

      • aussiemor says:

        You poor thing. Logan used to as well & I did find after a “check in” he would scream like a banshee. I found it helpful because they had a section on what ppl were doing wrong & damn if we weren’t doing about 90%!

        I feel you though big time!

  2. It took a bit of tough love before Bay would sleep through too.
    She went from sleeping in our bed every night, to sleeping in her own cot (now bed) until about 4.30-5am.
    I have quite a low tolerance for her crying so I found this really hard, although in most cases it was only about 10 minutes of crying.. but to me it seemed like 10 years!
    I have definitely noticed if she falls asleep on her own she tends to sleep through the whole night.. By contrast, the nights where we have to pat her to sleep she tends to wake up several times in the night..
    She still comes into bed with us when she wakes up in the morning, but we are okay with that as usually get up by 6am anyway for work etc.

    We are co-sleeping with Ivo and it is working well for us as this stage while he is still breastfeeding through the night. We’ll move him out of our bed and into his cot once the kicking and flailing starts up, ie. when the co-sleeping is causing less sleep for everyone instead of more!
    Having done the transition from co-sleeping to their own bed once before I’m confident that we can do it again when the time is right.. so I dont think of it as a ‘trap’ rather a sanity saver as long as everyone is getting more sleep! But when it’s time to move on, its time to move on!

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah I think the whole thing (him being sick in our bed) definitely changed my view on co-sleeping. I was never anti but now I think I’d love to do it with #2. My problem would be my waterfall boobs 😦

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