Gr8 Week


This week hasn't been anything special but next week, well next week is MY birthday week yippee! But I still have things to be grateful for.

1. Even though I was so sick I managed to work all my days including an extra one.

2. Watching my father-in-law zooming Logan around the zoo.

3. Logan sleeping through (further post about this later).

4. Going out for dinner with my Mum's Group.

5. My awesome husband.

6. Satay chicken cooked by my Mum when we were all sick.

7. Logan having a great day with my sister.

8. Having a sick day without Logan thanks to my mother-in-law.

9. Watching Game of Thrones once again (although killing that baby was horrible – even though I've read all the books I'm only up to Season 2 on the telly).

10. My workmates.



2 thoughts on “Gr8 Week

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    All great but a huge YAY for #3. If it was anyone else I’d be extremely jealous!

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