Otherwise known as finally getting my arse into gear.

This morning was one of my few and far between proactive mornings.

  • Wake up with Logan at 6am
  • Head off to boxing at 750, box for an hour (with Logan!)
  • Detour to the new swim school to cross our fingers and toes that we can enrol Logan into a weekend slot (the current pool we use is closing for too long) – realise I've lost my irresistible powers of persuasion with a wriggling toddler on my hip!
  • Call Mum to see what she wants and drive to her place to get her funeral outfit sans boots because her bag of boots has gone AWOL. Waiting for her to get home and yell at me because it was right in front of my face but I did look everywhere! Cheat and give Logan a snack from their snack cupboard and grab a coffee for myself.
  • Drive home praying the toddler doesn't succumb to the sandman.
  • Success! Unpack car and play with Logan, make the mistake of going out the back – tantrum ensues and I'm forced to bring him out with me. Try to pack up his coloured plastic balls which are all over the paving – another tantrum is thrown.
  • Head back inside and it's time for a nappy change and then bed.
  • Decide to make cheesy muffins for the drive down south tomorrow. Don't even get them out of the oven Logan is up with less than an hours sleep. Grrr this transitioning thing is doing my head in and making for a grumpy little man!

And there ends the morning, it's bang on 12 and he's ready to get up and have lunch. Hopefully the rest of today will be as go-go-go as this morning and yesterday. Finally I'm feeling a bit more in control of my own life and handling him…just in time to abandon him to Andreas for 3 days!



3 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    You did well, I rarely get that much done in one morning!

  2. sassandspice says:

    Wow that was productive! Does boxing have a creche that early? How cool is that? I know what you mean about transitions and sleep. Lily is still sleeping at noon but the one nap thing is a lot easier to work around than two.

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