Gr8 Week




This post is a day late because I got sick AGAIN, two cases of tonsillitis back to back and then some weird fever virus which started Saturday night and knocked me for six…but still there are things to be grateful for!

1. My Uncle died peacefully after battling cancer with his wife of 49 years by his side. All my cousins managed to make it back to see him before he passed which is another wonderful thing. (I am definitely not grateful that he died but the way in which in happened I am grateful for).

2. Now I can look back at my wedding and instead of focusing on an unwanted bridesmaid and ex-friends the focus is on remembering my Uncle standing there reading a beautiful poem he had written for us. We even honoured my Aunt and Uncle during our vows because they’d been married the longest and it epitomised what I wanted for myself.

3. Having such a wonderful and supportive Husband, I might get angry and frustrated with him an awful lot but he always takes care of me and Logan.

4. Logan being super happy all weekend, including at his swimming lesson which means we’ll be re-enrolling him if possible.

5. Going out for dinner at Clarke’s on North Beach with Andreas’ family to belatedly celebrate his birthday.

6. Seeing my friend’s little boy at daycare toddle over to me when I didn’t realise they were back from their holiday. He’s just figured out the walking thing and it is so damn cute to watch him.

7. Having a comfortable bed to sleep in.

8. Great neighbours.

9. More babies on the way in our Mum’s group – I am starting to get clucky!

10. Dinner with my highschool friends and making plans for our other friend’s overseas wedding.

What were you grateful for last week?


2 thoughts on “Gr8 Week

  1. Pink Ronnie says:

    Beautiful post, Jess.
    And I am so sorry for your family’s loss…
    Ronnie xo

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