It’s taken awhile but I feel like my life is finally getting a sense of normalcy. After a few crappy/non existent weeks at work (yay for getting sick more often with a kid…not) today was finally a good day. I got given a project and it was like old times with my boss.

Logan seems to be going backwards a bit but he’s getting lots more teeth (finally) and I’m so used to him being clingy and whingy that it does feel ‘normal’ to me.

Until you have kids you really don’t understand what it means to start a family and no one really talks about the hard side of things. Especially how much your relationship suffers and this was definitely compounded by having a difficult child. But Andreas and I are pulling out the stops and making more effort and time for each other. We became slack with our no tech Tuesdays so we’ve now re-instituted it and changed it to Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hopefully this will also help our productivity levels as well.

I’m also really enjoying my exercise classes and looking forward to enjoying having my body back for at least another year! Although another Mum in our group just announced she’s pregnant and I definitely got the pang, will just have to live through all the pregnancies popping up this year. I think I will be the last one to get pregnant in our group (bar anyone who only wants one child).

So here’s to feeling ‘normal’ and getting my life back on track.

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4 thoughts on “Normal

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    I think it’s incredibly smart that you are being proactive about making time for your relationship.
    I hope the pangs aren’t too hard for you it can be tough when you’re waiting and others are already doing.
    I also hope that teething is over and done with soon, it’s so horrible.

  2. Sammie says:

    Need to start on a no tech day here I think! What a great idea!
    Just wanted to let you know that I am back!!!
    Go and find out why?!?!?
    But, I was getting crazy spam so I think I have banned ANON comments 😦 sorry, because I LOVE your comments!!! (PS: Need to reply to your email – You made me smile!)

  3. Pink Ronnie says:

    It’s a huge thing to feel ‘normal’ again – no small feat.
    And kudos to you guys for making every effort to spend time with each other….
    Ronnie xo

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