Catch Up Tuesday March 5th

Hi All,

Just a reminder the catch up is on tomorrow afternoon at 3pm at Stickybeaks cafe in Kings Park. We'll meet at cafe & then go out into the playground. I am apologising in advance for not recognising people & being horrid with names (one of my faults!). Looking forward to meeting you all at long last.


4 thoughts on “Catch Up Tuesday March 5th

  1. spark says:

    Lovely to meet you and smiley Logan yesterday! Finally remembered the water park I was talking about, it is Waterland in Maylands. We often go on a Friday so let me know if you want to catch up. xx

  2. EmmieGemmie says:

    How was it?? Did you get a group photo?
    Let me know if there are others planned!

    • aussiemor says:

      It was good fun but we completely flaked on a photo whoops! Will pop up a post when I get a chance. We all missed you & Bay though! We haven’t organised another one but let me know when you’re free xoxo

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