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Yesterday I finally dragged myself to the doctor (with the help of my awesome Mum) and found out I have tonsillitis and bronchitis. I feel so bad because I caught it off Logan and he must have felt terrible the week before. How terrible it is that they can't express themselves and tell us that it hurts.

I'm hoping I will be well enough for the meet up, the doc said I should be feeling better today and I am but still not 100%

My aim now is to be healthier, I've already made so many big steps in that direction. From visiting farmers markets for better produce and the same with butchers for meat. We're now having salads with most meals and before I got sick I was forcing myself to walk each morning along with my two personal training sessions each week. But I'm still getting sick, does anyone have any suggestions on improving your immune system? I take olive leaf extract when I get sick but maybe I should take it every day? I know with Logan in daycare I'm condemned to getting all sorts of bugs.

I hope everyone else is healthier and happy xoxo


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6 thoughts on “Tonsils

  1. spark says:

    Oh that sounds awful! It is TERRIBLE when little ones are unwell. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  2. Lila Wolff says:

    You poor thing! Hope you feel better. xx

  3. sassandspice says:

    Oh dear! I had bronchitis before my wedding in Europe and it was awful. I can’t imagine a baby (or a mother with a baby) going through it! I hope you get better soon. And don’t feel pressured to come to the meet up if you are still unwell.

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah it’s not fun! But the penicillin seems to be kicking in. I definitely won’t be coming though if I’m not 100% don’t want to share my germs, especially with you and Emmie pregnant not to mention the kids. But fingers crossed I’ll be better, I’m over being cooped up.

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