So I was about to…

pull out the laptop, write a new post and comment on everyone’s blogs (because iPads suck when it comes to being able to make a comment most places!) and then – Logan decides to wake up. I am a firm believer in jinxes and I knew it was going to happen! Less than an hour sleep though, that’s not fair! My coffee is still 3/4 full and I haven’t even started on my breakfast. The life of a Mummy.

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3 thoughts on “So I was about to…

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    I swear Eve and Logan are sleep twins!
    It’s so frustrating trying to use the iPad, it would be perfect if it wasn’t for commenting issues and no flash.
    Hope you get to have a full coffee soon.

  2. Pink Ronnie says:

    Totally know what that’s like.
    Well, you got a paragraph out. That’s awesome. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

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