Perth Catch Up

Typical the dog just had to ruin my photo! As Ben Cousins would say 'such is life'


To all my readers in Perth we are trying to organise a catch up. So please join us and hopefully we'll form those kind of friendships that last a lifetime and if not at least we'll have lots of fun catching up and seeing each other without a computer screen in the way!

No dates have been set as of yet and we will need to work in around nap times etc… Could people let me know if they wish to attend and if either a Tuesday or Sunday would be doable and if you prefer morning or afternoon. Most likely we will be meeting up in Kings Park so that kids who do like to run wild can.

If it all works out then hopefully this can become a somewhat regular thing. For those people not in Perth I hope this encourages you to do something similar or better yet maybe later on we can all catch up somewhere. I'm excited to be getting out of my comfort zone and meeting a lot more wonderful ladies and adorable kiddos too.

If you are a Perth blogger feel free to share the love – I know this post is missing the details but the more people comment the better it will be.





9 thoughts on “Perth Catch Up

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    Jealous! Hope it is wonderful.

  2. Sammie says:

    Boo 😦
    Now I need to visit Perth!

  3. spark says:

    Tuesday afternoons or a Sunday morning…but I can work around what everyone can do! xa

    • sassandspice says:

      I have exactly the same preferences as Spark..creepy!! I’m in Melb/NZ all week but after that I’ll be free free free!

      • aussiemor says:

        Lucky thing!!! Will see you when you’re back yay 🙂

      • sassandspice says:

        And I feel the same about Mother’s Group. It just takes a bit of time since not every girl is there every week. I’ve found a couple of girls i really get on with now, but there there are other girls in the group who do things together without inviting the rest of us but that is natural that some ppl just get along better with others.

    • aussiemor says:

      Logan does an arvo sleep usually from 1-230 would 330 be ok?

      Also I know both girls are probably way more active than he is so any preference re: location?

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