So long 2012 it’s been swell

Tomorrow marks the beginning of another year and today the end of one. We aren't doing anything special, just spending dinner with the in-laws and having a big swim in their pool. I've made an eggnog raspberry concoction cake and have fingers crossed that it tastes good!

2012 was a pretty good year for us bar a messy breakup within the family so here are some of the highlights:

  1. Mum & my step-dad thing the knot and then taking us all on a family honeymoon to Bali.
  2. My little sister getting engaged to her amazing fiancé.
  3. Going to Toronto and Niagara Falls.
  4. Trick or treating in Canada.
  5. Not working (bar the 24/7 Mum thing).
  6. The 24/7 Mum thing turning into something I really enjoy.
  7. Logan turning 1!
  8. Spending lots more time with my Mum.
  9. My mother's group known as Boob Wednesday.
  10. Doing personal training sessions on a consistent basis.

Resolutions always pop up this time of year and I've been noticing that 'themes' have become popular too. I decided to settle on the following:


  1. Be healthy – this is a little broad but I don't want to limit myself and then feel frustrated or fail!
  2. Be myself minus the naggy bitch – I tend to be a wallflower in large social situations so now I'm going to let my voice be heard. The nb part is so Andreas doesn't run for the hills screaming and so I stop bitching about people/situations.
  3. Be a doer not a thinker – I spend far too much time reading about stuff on the net than I do doing it. I really want to get our home into order so this is a big one for me!
So from us to you have an amazing end to 2012 and I hope 2013 is filled with joy for you all and if at times it isn't remember you're not alone.


All my love xoxo



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6 thoughts on “So long 2012 it’s been swell

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    I hear you on the not bitching front, I’ve been working on it but still have a really long way to go.
    Your new year sounds lovely, I’m a bit jealous! That cake will be awesome.

  2. sassandspice says:

    I didn’t do anything special on New Year’s too! I’d rather go out when it isn’t as crowded!

    What a great year you’ve had….well done on the PT sessions as well….I didn’t do any of that during Lily’s first year!

    I didn’t make any specific resolutions this year since I did so badly on my 2012 ones!

  3. Pink Ronnie says:

    You can do it Jess! In terms of the house, just focus on one room at a time. Baby steps will get you there. 🙂
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. I’m aiming to be healthy too this year! So far so good.

    • aussiemor says:

      I’m doing the January Cure on Apartment Therapy which is helping with the house and is baby steps which is exactly what I need!
      My exercise has started back and it was such a hard session that I contemplated quitting but I just have to push through that mindset. I want to be healthy especially if I do plan on falling pregnant this year. Good on you for doing well, I remember being pregnant and sometimes I just had to eat absolute crap (I can’t even use the morning sickness as an excuse!).

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