It’s beginning…

to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS!!!

With birthday parties absorbing my life from the beginning of October to the beginning of December I can finally turn my attention to one of my favourite holidays. If you haven't already figured it out I'm big on decorating and getting into the holiday spirit (heck I'd love if we had Thanksgiving here!).

I've also been crafting non-stop after being inspired by the Mums in our Mum's Group. So without further ado here's a little look at what we've been up to:

Oh yeah, Logan can walk now šŸ™‚

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. May 2013 bring you everything that you need xoxo.


7 thoughts on “It’s beginning…

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    Go Logan!
    I really love your wreath, the rest looks lovely too.

  2. sassandspice says:

    I love that wreath! OMG Logan can walk now?!!! EEEE excitement!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, I really appreciate your well wishes! I hope you have a great Christmas break with your family xx

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