One Year Old Letter (23.11.12)

Better late than never right?! Sorry I've been so absent but real life has been all consuming!

Dear Logan,

One year old! Where did time go…but at the same time it felt like life was moving in slow motion. You have taken us on a roller coaster little man.

You definitely haven't been the easiest baby to raise but that's made us appreciate the fun moments. & milestones that much more.

This past month has been crazy! You've been clapping, taking steps, dancing – all in all turning into a little boy. So long babyhood, hello toddlerdom!

You are sleeping through & have adjusted really well to only having one boobie feed in the morning. You seem to prefer water over cow's milk as well and love drinking out of our cups. In fact you through a pretty good tantrum if you don't get what's in a cup or mug especially if I'm drinking a cup of tea (I refuse to give you any but you seem to be hooked after Grandma slipped you a few sips!).

On your birthday we started the morning with far singing you the Danish birthday song. Then you crawled through the balloon doorway to find all your presents – you preferred the balloons to any of the actual presents!

We took you out for breakfast & you ate almost an entire muffin but you weren't very keen on the baby chino. It was also the first time you were offered kid's cutlery & you loved using your fork (I've started to let you use a spoon with your breakfast weetbix).

After a nap we headed to the zoo with Grandma & farmor. You enjoyed the animals, ate everyone's lunch, practiced walking & hated the carousel.

The day ended with a family dinner & you enjoying a traditional danish birthday cake. The perfect end to a perfect day.

I wish you all the happiness in the world by beautiful son.

Love always,




3 thoughts on “One Year Old Letter (23.11.12)

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    Sounds like an absolutely beautiful birthday. Happy birthday Logan and congratulations Jess on your first year as a Mama.

  2. A lovely letter Jess!
    Sounds like Logan is keeping yor very busy.
    So glad for you he is now sleeping through. What a little champ.
    I love you’re incorporating so many Danish traditions

  3. sassandspice says:

    Aww great to hear that Logan had a great birthday. You will enjoy the toddler stage…tantrums can be tiring but their independence and humour makes up for it!

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