Are you crazy?

So many people gave us ‘the look’ when we announced that we’d come all the way from Australia to Toronto with our 11 month old son. I honestly didn’t think anything of what we were doing when we booked the tickets and even after that. It was one of the most relaxed holidays I’d taken, I didn’t do any forward planning (which is completely unlike me!) and my friend who was living over there helped us out big time. Logan behaved really well and thankfully only took 3 nights to recover from having his timezone flipped.

I did have a moment before we were about to board the plane from Australia when I looked at Andreas and said “out of all the people who could be the first to visit we’re going with our baby!” But that was it, for me it wasn’t too unusual it was just something we wanted to do so why shouldn’t we?

I’m so glad we went and sure it was pretty crazy, but it was also very liberating and fantastic to be able to enjoy our happy son together. So don’t worry about the crazy eyes, people turn out to be pretty impressed when you explain it all to them and it leaves you feeling awesome because you’ve achieved something people didn’t think was possible/a smart idea!Image

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4 thoughts on “Are you crazy?

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    I think it’s fantastic, having a baby doesn’t mean being tied down unless you let it. It is fantastic to teach Logan early on that travel is wonderful and nothing to be scared of.

    • aussiemor says:

      It’s funny, because I always felt that way when I was pregnant but then I lost that fearlessness after having Logan. I think because a) I was too idealistic and (b) he was a harder than normal baby.

      • Lila Wolff says:

        It is great to see you regain the fearlessness! I completely sympathise with the high energy/spirited baby I’m not quite sure I’d cope as well as you do had Eve been my first. But they are so worth it!

  2. I think you’re an inspiration!

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