23.10.12 Month 11 Letter

Dear Logan,

I think this month has been the most transformative yet! You are babbling so much more, still favouring mama,mama,mama though. You are full of smiles and laughs for everyone too.

The biggest milestone – two bottom teeth – they pretty much appeared out of nowhere and we were none the wiser. You barely showed any signs other than drooling the day before (which you never do). You had been extra clingy and whingey in the weeks before so maybe that was it

Our biggest achievement is independent play and playing with the other babies. It makes my heart sing to see you doing that finally. I want your life filled with fun and friends. You started doing this at a Mum’s group and even kissed one of the twins (they’re boys but as you know we don’t care!), Mummy was very proud! You continued playing by yourself & with others at the many first birthdays you’ve attended.

You’re so close to walking but still not there, you are pushing your walker lots though & moving around furniture. You have taken a few steps but we aren’t claiming it until it looks purposeful. At present you’re just accidentally taking them if we let go of your hands & you still prefer to fall down & crawl. You’re also able to stand unassisted but you definitely prefer having someone round to lean on (can’t blame you!). I think you’re going to take awhile before you walk especially because you love crawling so much and have definitely picked up some serious speed!

This month also marked your first two sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa. With far away for 2 nights in Geraldton and Mummy feeling very sick they kindly offered to have you two nights in a row. You were great and loved it there (& I know they loved having you too!).

Another milestone was flying across the world to Toronto to visit Aunty Claire and Uncle Shane. You handled the flight pretty well although you weren’t very keen on the bassinet. There was crying but also happiness and attempts to climb the stairs to first class. It definitely wasn’t as hard as we were both envisaging. You have enjoyed the trip so far and other than early morning wake ups you have been fantastic. You went to your first hockey match as well! You slept during the noisiest bits which was hilarious! Everyone loves you here as well, we can’t step out of the condo without someone commenting on how cute you are (= chuffed parents).

You are still our champion eater but you are getting fussier. We’ve given up on caring and you eat lots of what we eat (except anything sugarey or fake). This time next month you will be digging into your first taste of cake, I can’t believe this is my last letter to you before you turn one, it is definitely bittersweet.

This has been one of our funnest months yet (maybe because you’re finally sleeping!) and we can’t wait to see you develop more.

All my love,



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