Days like These

Those days were everything is just lots of fun or seems to just flow seamlessly. Today is one of those days and I love it, they’ve been few and far between recently so that’s made today extra special.

First I had an amazing night sleep, because it was a warm night I insisted on sleeping with the fan on. Usually I always sleep with a fan on and love white noise but I gave Logan our fan in the hopes of drowning out noise from our neighbours etc… So I had to learn to sleep without one. Turns out I sleep a whole lot better with a fan on, I’m assuming it’s because it blocks out Logan’s nighttime snuffling (not the crying just the noises he makes when he doesn’t need one of us!). I even thought he’d slept in because I hadn’t heard a peep but Andreas had gotten him up which was great.

That was followed by a proper walk with my Mum, Logan and the dogs and a nice long talk about housing and future plans. Logan went down for his morning nap about 15 minutes after we got back and I managed to sort out the living room and tidy up a bit (the house still looks like a bomb hit it but meh). Unfortunately he only slept for a little over an hour but it gave me time to have breakfast (blueberry pikelets with maple syrup and cream – shame on me I know), clean, shower and relax a bit.

After that we met up with my Mum again and went out to have coffees, do some shopping and have lunch. I also got some fanastic news from a friend (I can’t share yet unfortunately because I don’t know who reads this blog) and wanted to scream in the middle of a busy market, isn’t that the best kind of news! I also managed to score Logan some more onesies – yes he’s turning 1 soon but they’re so easy for travel and layering.

Now I’m back home, I’ve bought in a load of washing and I’m getting to blog. Next up (if Logan has a long nap, he went down at 3 and usually he’s fast asleep at 130 whoops!) is finishing 3 photo books. I’ve also got a dinner out with two girls from Mum’s Group which will be nice, a perfect end to a great day!


2 thoughts on “Days like These

  1. How’s like a wonderful day Jess!!! How funny, I’m working on three photo books as well. It’s a nice creative outlet, isn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us!
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. And also wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog recently…

    • aussiemor says:

      I love photo books, I must say I am very jealous with regards to the books you are making. I think I will have to do something similar for the for Logan’s second year!

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