We think someone needs a fairy

Yesterday I was being chauffeured around town by my Mum and Step-Dad when I realised Logan had two little holes on his bottom gum – yep, our little man is finally joining the chomper ranks! I had been thinking maybe something was going on a day or two before because he was suddenly drooling and he never does that but I put it down to the grandparents being back and him having sleepovers (two glorious sleepovers where he slept way better than he does at home!). So Andreas wins yet again in the stakes of Logan taking after his far – if he was to take after me he would have been 16 months before a tooth was seen.

Needless to say we’ve been walking around grinning like idiots and shouting the news from the rooftops. Why is it that teething brings about this since of success? It’s one of the stranger aspects of parenting that I’ll put in the too hard basket. I’m just glad that he’s dealing with it so well, he is being a bit more fussy and sleeping more than normal but in terms of being in pain there hasn’t been any signs (touch wood, cross fingers and toes etc… etc…).

So how does all this work? I can feel sharp little teeth in there but all I can see is the holes that they’ll eventually erupt out of and I’m just hoping they don’t choose to erupt when we’re on our long-haul flight to Toronto! If we’re at this stage and we talking days before they pop up or weeks or months?

In other news I feel like I’ve finally recovered but my house is in complete disarray and so is my exercise routine. Add to the fact that the weather is crap over here so dog walking has been scaled way back to a short jaunt to the park and I’m ready to jump out of my skin. I would ask my Mum to come and take him for a little bit so I could get the house in some semblance of order but she’s already helped me out heaps and I’ve practically been living at their place since they got back. On top of this I’ve asked two of my best friends over for dinner tomorrow night, yet another what was I thinking moment but thankfully they aren’t clean freaks and don’t have a judgmental bone in their bodies – unless you eat too much mayo in your sandwich but that’s a story for another time.

Logan has awoken so must dash, his naps are all over the place today!

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2 thoughts on “We think someone needs a fairy

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    If the holes are there he should be over the worst of it! It is strangely exciting when teeth come through. I hope he’s an angel for your trip.

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