First Sleepover

Most parents reserve the first sleepover to a night out they can enjoy – maybe a getaway somewhere or a long dinner – not us! Instead it resulted from a giant cold/migraine on my part and a husband being out-of-town. The grandparents just got back from a long overseas jaunt and after initially being welcomed to the family dinner we were all having in their honour I decided to send myself into a self-imposed solitary confinement due to the aforementioned cold/migraine (and people not wanting to get sick). Mum dropped me home and very kindly offered to have him overnight (provided he went down ok). Hopefully he remains asleep (or at least easy to settle) which means I will get a decent night’s sleep and in turn I’m hoping that means I’ll be feeling a lot better.

I’ve definitely teared up and when I told Andreas this (over sms) he asked if it was because I missed him, Logan or I was sick and I realised it was a combination of all three. It’s nice in those moments of loneliness to realise that even though you might be on a completely different page to your partner sometimes in those really important moments you’re both on the same one!

So we’ll have to see what happens, whether in the middle of the night a screaming baby is bought to my door or I meet a happy son chowing down on two Weetbix tomorrow morning. As with most cases, when it comes to raising your own little human…only time will tell!

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One thought on “First Sleepover

  1. Lila Wolff says:

    Hope you get a great nights sleep and feel better in the morning.

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